Collective Agreement Psac Pg

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) represents more than 180,000 workers in Canada`s public sector. This includes those employed in federal departments, agencies, and Crown corporations. The PSAC also negotiates collective agreements, which are legally binding contracts between the employer and the union.

The PSAC-PG (Program and Administrative Services) group is one of the largest bargaining units within the PSAC. This group includes workers who provide administrative and program support services to various federal departments and agencies.

The collective agreement for PSAC-PG was negotiated in 2018 and will remain in effect until 2022. This agreement includes several important provisions for PSAC-PG workers, including:

1. Pay Increases: The agreement provides for a 5.5% pay increase over the four-year term of the agreement. This includes a 2% increase in the first year, followed by 1.5% increases in each subsequent year.

2. Job Security: The agreement includes provisions to protect PSAC-PG workers from layoffs and job loss due to contracting out or technological change.

3. Benefits: The agreement provides for improvements in benefits for PSAC-PG workers, including increased dental coverage and more flexible use of sick leave credits.

4. Work-Life Balance: The agreement includes provisions to help PSAC-PG workers achieve a better work-life balance, including increased flexibility in scheduling and the ability to carry over unused vacation leave.

5. Harassment and Discrimination: The agreement includes provisions to protect PSAC-PG workers from harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

PSAC-PG workers have the right to bargain collectively with their employer and to be represented by the PSAC in that process. The collective agreement is the result of this bargaining process and is designed to provide fair and equitable treatment to PSAC-PG workers.

Overall, the collective agreement for PSAC-PG workers provides important protections and benefits to these employees. It reflects the ongoing efforts of the PSAC to ensure that workers in the public sector are treated fairly and have access to decent wages, benefits, and working conditions.

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